Graduate Advisory Council

The Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) is charged with monitoring the graduate education needs of the University and making recommendations to the Graduate Council. The GAC will review policies and procedures to ensure that current graduate education policies and procedures are equitable and fair. They will also examine the need for new policies and procedures that will strengthen the quality of graduate education at UNA. The GAC will examine market trends to identify new areas of graduate education growth and work with departments to market current programs.

The GAC will be comprised of the following: Chair of the Graduate Council, University Director of Graduate Studies/ACHE Liaison, one representative from each graduate program appointed by the dean of the respective program, faculty representative from the library to be appointed by the library dean, and the associate deans from each college. An associate dean, rotated annually, will chair the GAC and be responsible for calling meetings. The coordinator for graduate admissions will be responsible for maintaining minutes and assisting the chair with GAC activities.

The GAC is advisory to the Graduate Council. The GAC will provide a report at each Graduate Council meeting and all action items recommended by the GAC will be reviewed and considered by the Graduate Council prior to adoption.