Graduate Student Procedures

As a useful guide to the graduate student, the procedures and time schedules outlined below are extracted from the procedures and regulations described elsewhere in this catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to study the catalog carefully and to follow prescribed procedures according to the established time periods.

  1. Prior to the opening of the term for which initial enrollment is planned:
    1. Secure, complete, and return applications for admission along with the application fee to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Registration must be in accordance with the level of study.
    2. Submit official transcripts of credit—undergraduate or graduate—from degree granting institution that qualifies the student for admission to graduate studies. Additional transcript requirements may vary by college in which the program is offered (see “College of Arts and Sciences”, “College of Business”, “College of Education and Human Sciences”, or “Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions”). Students receiving financial aid may be required to submit official transcripts from each college previously attended, whether or not a degree was granted from that institution. For more information contact Student Financial Services. Students who have earned all credits at The University of North Alabama or students seeking admission as transient students do not need to submit transcripts; however, transient students must submit the required letter of approval from the parent school. The acceptance of official transcripts and other documents submitted for admission to any graduate program may be subject to verification and authentication.
    3. Submit supplemental items specific to graduate program, if applicable. Items may include test score, resume, application essay, recommendations, writing sample, and other program specific forms or licensures. See admission requirements by graduate program.
  2. After acceptance for admission and at registration:
    Confer each term with the assigned educational advisor and prepare the schedule of classes and the approved program forms. Students should preregister for the next term according to announced dates, although advisement and schedule preparation may be accomplished during the regular registration periods.
  3. Application for graduation:
    Complete an application for graduation online at, and pay the graduation fee at the Business Office or online via E-bill. Graduate students should apply for graduation two semesters prior to their date of graduation. No preliminary degree audit will be issued until a program of study and an admission to candidacy form are in the student’s academic file in the Office of the Registrar. There is no candidacy requirement for nursing students or MBA students.
  4. During the last term:
    1. Arrange with the University Bookstore for proper academic regalia for graduation: cap, gown, hood.
    2. Follow issued instructions on commencement procedures and rehearsal. If planning for graduation in absentia file with the Office of the Registrar the proper request at least two weeks in advance of the commencement date.
    3. Students in programs leading to initial professional certification, added endorsements, or renewals should contact the Certification Office in the College of Education and Human Sciences for application procedures and appropriate forms.