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Graduate Faculty Application
Fall 2022
Undergraduate and Graduate
Dr. Dwain Coleman Graduate Faculty Application
Dwain Coleman
College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
SACSCOC Credentials Guidelines:
1. Faculty teaching undergraduate general education and/or baccalaureate courses: Doctorate or Master’s degree in the teaching discipline or Master’s degree with a concentration in the discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline).
2. Faculty teaching graduate and post-baccalaureate course work: Earned Doctorate/ terminal degree in the teaching discipline or a related discipline (a minimum of 18 hours above the Master’s degree in the teaching discipline).
HI 611. Seminar in U.S. History to 1877. (3 Credits)

Research and writing based seminar on topics in American history through the end of Reconstruction with emphasis upon analysis and interpretation. May be repeated for credit with a change in topic.
Graduate coursework in teaching field: AFAM 3459, African American Literature Before 1900 (3); AFAM 4310, Pre-Colonial African History (3); HIST 473, Civil Rights & Eth Pwr (3); HIST 496C, Adv Topics Global Hist (3); HIST 511B, Prosem Ameri 19th C (3); HIST 511C, Prosem Ameri 20th C (3); HIST 511D, Prosem Environment (3); HIST 512B, Prosem Medv Eur Hist (3); HIST 513, Prosem Latin Amer (3); HIST 583C, Hist Method Historiog (3); HIST 593B, Sem 19th Centu Amer (3); HIST 593D, Sem Amer Environmtl (3); HIST 610, Sem Amer Rural Life (3); HIST 699, Research (3); AFAM 3459, African American Literature Before 1900 (3); HIST 4275, History of Slavery in the U.S.A. (3); HIST 4715, African History Since 1880 (3); HIST 6001, First-Year Graduate Colloquium (3); HIST 6002, History Research Methods (3); HIST 6003, History Theory and Interpretation (3); HIST 6203, History and Theories of Planning (3); HIST 6401, Teaching Proseminar (2); HIST 7205, Gender and Race in Nineteenth-Century US (4); HIST 7190, Individual Study: Graduate (21); LAW 9656, Topics in 19th Cent American Legal History (3); RELS 6150, American Religious Histories (3).
Does this faculty member hold a terminal degree in this discipline or a related field?
Ph. D. in History, University of Iowa, May 2022.
Additional Qualifications Complete this section to provide additional qualifications to meet the SACSCOC credentials guidelines. Identify all additional qualifications that apply and explain each item in the justification textbox. Indicate the dates of these additional qualifications and clearly describe the relationship between these qualifications and the course content and/or the expected outcomes of the course(s) assigned to faculty member. Supporting documents such as vita, copies of licenses and certificates, etc., should be submitted with this form by clicking the "attach file" link below. External validation of additional qualifications should be supported by these supplemental documents.
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