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Graduate Faculty Application
Summer 2023
Graduate Faculty Application for Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan
Management and Marketing
Sanders College of Business and Technology
SACSCOC Credentials Guidelines:
1. Faculty teaching undergraduate general education and/or baccalaureate courses: Doctorate or Master’s degree in the teaching discipline or Master’s degree with a concentration in the discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline).
2. Faculty teaching graduate and post-baccalaureate course work: Earned Doctorate/ terminal degree in the teaching discipline or a related discipline (a minimum of 18 hours above the Master’s degree in the teaching discipline).
MK 620. Sales Techniques for New Business Development. (3 Credits)

This course introduces the new business development process by exploring prospecting, information gathering, presentations, handling sales resistance, earning commitment, and follow-up. Other topics include buyer behavior, communication skills, prospecting technologies, and CRM.

MK 625. Sales Management Strategies for New Business Development. (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of the unique opportunities and challenges encountered in the process of managing the professional sales organization. Initially, the course focuses on the distinctiveness and the importance of managing new business development. From this point, the class begins to assess the aspects of sales management that are critical to the organization's success in various markets (consumer, business, government, and global). Each topic is examined through readings, discussions, lectures and specific cases. At the conclusion of the course, the student will have an appreciation for not only the unique challenges of new business development, but also the ways in which managers maximize the long-term productivity and profitability of the sales function. Prerequisite: MK 620

MK 663. Key Account Management. (3 Credits)

This course analyzes the role of the salesperson/account representative in high-level sales processes such as those associated with key and strategic account management. The course emphasizes quantitative and qualitative analysis of high-level selling issues, customers' perspectives, and the competitive nature of this sales environment. Additionally, the course examines the interplay between sales and marketing as they relate to acquiring and managing these key accounts. Prerequisites: MK 620.

MK 675. Seminar in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies. (3 Credits)

This course will explore the concept of negotiation in numerous business environments. Attention will be paid to topics such as strategies and tactics, nonverbal communication, and ethical and cultural aspects. Other forms of conflict resolution used in business, such as mediation and arbitration will also be addressed, and the design of conflict management programs will be examined.
EMB 505 Advanced Marketing and Management Concepts (3)
EMB 670 Marketing Strategy (3)
EMB 600 Market Based Management (3)
EMB 690 Business Policy & Strategy (3)
EMB 698 EMBA Capstone Project (3)
MK 635 Marketing in a Global Economy (3)

EDBA 800 Discovering Applied Research (3)
EDBA 810 Exploring Statistical Relationships in Business (3)
EDBA 811 Engaging with Applied Statistics Lab (1)
EDBA 820 Organizational Problem Solving: Design and Measurement (3)
EDBA 830 Advanced Quantitative Analysis (3)
EDBA 840 Advanced Qualitative Analysis (3)
EDBA 805 Project Management for Applied Research (1)
EDBA 815 Prediction and Planning for Business Futures (1)
EDBA 825 Innovation System Solutions (1)
EDBA 835 Designing Technology for User Experience (1)
EDBA 845 Emerging Methodologies for Organizations (1)
EDBA 855 Integrating GIS to Optimize Business Performance (1)
EDBA 861 Becoming Data Smart (3)
EDBA 862 Creative and Innovative Thinking (3)
EDBA 863 Emerging Issues in Business (3)
EDBA 864 Exploring Trends in the Global Economy (1)
EDBA 865 Applied Decision Making and Optimization (2)
EDBA 900 Developing Applied Research Skills (2)
EDBA 901 Dissertation Design (3)
Does this faculty member hold a terminal degree in this discipline or a related field?
Additional Qualifications Complete this section to provide additional qualifications to meet the SACSCOC credentials guidelines. Identify all additional qualifications that apply and explain each item in the justification textbox. Indicate the dates of these additional qualifications and clearly describe the relationship between these qualifications and the course content and/or the expected outcomes of the course(s) assigned to faculty member. Supporting documents such as vita, copies of licenses and certificates, etc., should be submitted with this form by clicking the "attach file" link below. External validation of additional qualifications should be supported by these supplemental documents.
Brian Morgan was employed with United Parcel Service (UPS), a Fortune 50 company, for over 31 years before retiring in 2021. He was a proven leader with a focus on Sales, Marketing, Management, and Corporate Education. Mr. Morgan was respected as an innovator within the organization. He was a designer and team lead for the UPS Sales Academy (Corporate School for all UPS Sales Professionals), a developer of various UPS programs that focus on Sales, Sales Management, Financial Acumen, and Coaching, and creator of E-Learnings, Simulators and Learning Modules. He was committed to education as the foundation for development strategies and methods. This extensive industry experience aligns perfectly with the graduate sales and marketing courses which Mr. Morgan will be teaching. Listed below are his various positions within UPS through the years:

Director of Sales (Jan 2015 to Mar 2021)
Responsibilities include managing the UPS Sales Force in the Carolinas. The staff consists of sales teams with managers and sales professionals that focus on generating profitable revenue.
We consult for business leaders in an effort to improve their supply chain and go-to-market strategy. Our focus is on the consumer experience and driving the right growth.

Global Sales Training (May 2010 to Jan 2015)
Responsible for Sales Academy and Curriculum for all U.S. Middle Market Sales. Also responsible for the Enterprise Industry Segment training and Freight business unit training.

Region Sales Training Manager/with Marketing Responsibilities (Jan 2006 to May 2010)
Responsible for sales training for UPS Southeast Region, primary duties involve the managing of ten training managers and working as a liaison to the Corporate Sales Training team. Responsible for the Southeast Region budget for customer Marketing events, as well as the region’s Customer Technology Program (CTP) and Sales Force Automation (SFA). One of our
team goals was to assist the field with direct Marketing efforts. Assisting with strategy for major sales as part of the region Sales Operations Team frequently required proofing direction for the field and customer presentations for complex sales.

Sales Ops Manager – Alabama District (Sep 2004 to Dec 2005)
Responsible for sales planning and performance; my primary duties were to assist the Director of Sales with forecasting, strategy, and employee concerns. Fundamental and detailed analysis ensured that my team understood the science of the sale. Projecting success through concrete
processes was a primary duty. My goal was to ensure that my team was prepared to meet the demands of customers and the mission was to promote a rigorous offensive push against the competition. Servitude for my leadership, team, and the mission was my priority.

Area Sales Manager – Alabama District (Jan 2001 to Aug 2004)
Builder of a strong team and diligent in pursuit of top-line revenue brought me exemplary success as a sales manager. Creative thought and a no-boundaries mentality led my team to revenue rewards and new customer solutions. Through the management of people, my team demonstrated superiority above their competition and excellent service in the minds of customers. Always understanding that the customer brings the revenue; negotiating the maximum yield for the company and articulating value of UPS solutions for customers was
always the primary objective. Bright spots were creative solutions before its time (example – Large university sports team solutions for travel).

Marketing – Alabama District (Dec 1999 to Dec 2000)
Responsible for field sales planning, marketing initiatives, and customer strategy; success was yielded through field-level analysis of market share and customer expectations. Battle plan
preparedness brought elements of aggressiveness to the sales group that cultivated cross functional relationship that focused what should always be the corporate mission – grow profitable revenue with long-term customer relationships.

Field Sales – Alabama District (Dec 1996 to Nov 1999)
As an owner of a territory, the primary objective was to never go home without a sale. Each day was met with the resolve that new business would be brought to my team by my efforts. Successful in the mission, sales awards were achieved annually.

Operations Management – Alabama District (Sep 1993 to Nov 1996)
Management of union employees (UPS drivers, loaders, etc.), I balanced the skill of successfully managing the business and interaction within a union environment. Creating a sense of
ownership of the workers, my team prided itself on making the cost elements. Awards for team consisted of top in region for quality, as well as the success of one of the few “self-directed”
work teams in the U.S. within a package operation.

Operations – Alabama District (April 25, 1989 to Aug 1993)
Hired into UPS at lowest level and worked all jobs up to and including driving a package route. Helped me understand the full function of the organization.
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Concentration, 2003. 48 hours total w/ 18 hours closely related.

Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA), currently enrolled 2001-2023. 54 hour program; completed 39 hours through Fall 2022. Enrolled in dissertation hours and slated to graduate Fall 2023. Generalist doctoral degree in business.

Master of Science in Education (Discipline: Business & Marketing Education), 2015. 47 hours, but do not need to use any for this purpose.
Bay Group International:
Situational Sales Negotiations (SSN) – Certified Instructor

SPIN Selling – Certified Instructor
Mr. Morgan has taught undergraduate sales/marketing courses as an adjunct at UNA the last two semesters. Course evaluations are strong.

Led team to consistently achieve business plan performance in one of the company’s most critical markets.

Led team to develop UPS Freight Training for the UPS Sales Organization [E-Learning: Interactive Product Guide and Sales Simulator]


UPS Sales Academy Blue Print Training Type: Classroom - The blueprint for the UPS Sales Academy is the foundation for UPS’s training methods for all sales professionals. Upon being asked to formally draw up the blue print, my first draft was largely adopted by UPS leadership. Company leadership then
bestowed free reign to choose a team and build the school.

UPS Sales Process Simulator
Training Type: Computer Based Simulation - I led a team to design and write the UPS Sales Process Simulator. The 4-day Capstone Simulator program teaches sales professionals the new
Sales Process set forth by UPS leadership. The simulator is a combination of computer interaction, role-plays, and building of world-class proposals. Upon completing, students understand their role as a UPS Account Executive.

UPS Sales Academy Module – Phases of an Order (Creating Value in the Supply Chain)
Training Type: Computer Simulated and Map Based - Led a team of UPS Solutions Group Trainers and Global Sales Trainers to develop a module built for the study of the supply chain that is focused on challenges that occur with the phases of an order. Solving these challenges are
imperative to the success of the customer.
Key: 226