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Viewing: New Subject Code request of SACM (Study Abroad Communications)

Last approved: Mon, 03 Feb 2020 21:49:51 GMT

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New Subject Code
Spring 2020
New Subject Code request of SACM (Study Abroad Communications)
College of Arts and Sciences
Requires SACS Review
The new SACM subject code (Study Abroad Communications) would allow students to take a Study Abroad course, taught by a COM faculty member, that would contain academic themes from a communication subject area but would not be a required course within either the Mass Communication or Communication Arts majors. This course would count in either Area V as an additional Arts and Sciences/Liberal Arts course or would count in a student’s general electives category. It would qualify as a non-COM-designated course and would count toward a student’s requirement to have 72 credit-hours outside of the COM academic designation, and it would count toward the 120 credit-hour graduation requirement. The preference is that it would be designated as a 300 or 400 level course, which is consistent with study abroad activities and would help students achieve the 36 credit-hour requirement for upper-level courses.
Key: 23