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Last approved: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 02:32:59 GMT

Last edit: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 17:33:23 GMT

New Policy or Policy Revision
Fall 2020
Second Chance Provision Policy Revision
General - Not Department Specific
General - Not College Specific
Requires SACS Review
This policy revision proposal to the Second Chance Provision contains the following two changes:

1. The credit hours required to be completed with a 2.0 GPA following a three or more year absence from Higher Ed is being reduced from 24 to 15.

2. The following verbiage is being added to the end of the policy: This policy only applies to courses taken at the University of North Alabama. This policy cannot be applied to courses completed prior to the conferral of any previous degree.

This proposal to revise the current Second Chance Provision Policy is being submitted for the following reasons:

1. To clarify that this policy is not applicable to transfer course(s).
2. If we used it for transfer courses, we may be removing coursework that was used
towards a prior degree.
3. Removing transfer work after admission may alter a prior academic standing, which
should not be modified.
4. Removing transfer work after admission could have financial aid and/or scholarship
5. Grades for transfer courses do not affect graduation.

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