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New Department
Fall 2021
Department of Cinematic Arts and Theatre
School of the Arts
College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
Requires SACS Review

In Spring 2019, under the direction of the Executive Director of the School of the Arts and the Dean of the College of Arts of Science, the Cinematic Arts (formerly in the Department of Communications) and the Theatre (formerly in the Department of Entertainment Industry) programs were merged to facilitate the creation of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic Arts and Theatre degree. This new degree program has been approved by all University curriculum committees in addition to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

In order to provide the new Cinematic Arts and Theatre Program (CAT) with an academic home, a workgroup was formed by the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost in Fall 2020 to discuss the administrative location for CAT within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Through discussions within the workgroup, it was deemed necessary for the program to transition to a department since there would be a minimal cost associated with the transition. In addition, the new department will promote autonomy and bring the unit in compliance with the University of North Alabama Faculty Senate Constitution and Handbook. Cinematic Arts and Theatre faculty unanimously support this transition.

Implementation Steps:
*Create new department code of CAT - Cinematic Arts and Theatre
*Create a new landing page in the catalog for the Department of Cinematic Arts and
*Update all CAT courses with CAT dept code
*Update BFA_CAT program with CAT dept code
Renee Vandiver (rpvandiver) (Mon, 23 Nov 2020 16:29:49 GMT): Approved by COAD on 11-23-20.
Renee Vandiver (rpvandiver) (Fri, 11 Dec 2020 14:38:32 GMT): Reviewed by the Board of Trustees as an information item on 12-4-20.
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