Additional General Requirements for UNA Students

For additional requirements, the student should refer to the particular degree and major field.

If allowed within the major, up to four (4) semester hours of elective credit may be taken from among activity courses in health, military science, and physical education.

First-Year Experience Course

All first time, full-time freshmen students under the age of 24 and all transfer students entering with less than 24 credit hours of college-level credit are required to complete the First-Year Experience Seminar (FYE 101) seminar during their first semester of enrollment at UNA.

Non-traditional freshman students (24 years of age or older), transfer students not described in the above paragraph, and Honors Program students have the option of whether or not to complete the First-Year Experience Seminar (FYE 101) seminar course.

General Education English Courses

All students are required to schedule Freshman and Sophomore required English courses in sequence every semester until all English requirements are satisfied.

Writing Emphasis Course (taken within major field)

All students are required to pass one writing emphasis course in their major fields of study. These courses are designated in the catalog by a W following the course number. A student with more than one major will be required to pass a writing emphasis course in each major. First Year Composition II (EN 112) is prerequisite to all W courses.

Computer Literacy

All students are required to attain computer literacy through discipline-based instruction within their major fields or through an additional three-semester hour computer course.