Admission Procedures

Each student must file a standard application for admission form accompanied by a nonrefundable $35.00 application fee to cover processing costs. Application forms are available online.

Students may seek admission to the University of North Alabama in any of the following categories:

Beginning Freshmen

Beginning freshmen are students who have never attended another college or university. Students who have attended another institution(s) during the summer immediately after high school graduation or have been dual enrolled while in high school are also considered to be beginning freshmen. To support the application process, they are to ask that ACT or SAT scores and high school transcripts be sent directly to the UNA Office of Admissions. Transcripts are typically sent by designated guidance counselors upon request by the students. If application is made while still enrolled in high school, the transcripts should show the latest available grades at least through the junior year, and ACT or SAT scores. Subsequently, final transcripts must be sent showing confirmation of graduation and the graduation date. Having these documents sent to UNA is the applicant’s responsibility, and it should be clearly understood that application procedures are incomplete until all items are on file. Failure to complete this process will jeopardize students’ admission to the University. Students seeking admission on the basis of General Education Development (GED) tests must have official copies of those scores sent.

Transfer Students

Applicants who have attended other colleges or universities will be considered as transfer students. Transfer student applicants must have transcripts sent from all previously attended institutions regardless of whether or not credit was actually earned. The application process requires that students list all institutions attended. Failure to do so may result in denial of admission or subsequent cancellation of admission. Transfer students who have earned fewer than 24 semester hours of credit must also submit high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores and must meet admission standards which are applied to beginning freshmen.

Former Students

UNA students who wish to re-enroll after an absence of one or more fall or spring semesters must apply for reactivation as former students. Summer terms have no effect on this category. Readmission forms are available online. Former students should refer to the reactivation requirements described later in this section under Former Students.

Transient Students

Students in good standing who are enrolled in a degree program at another college or university may, with the written approval of the parent institution, enroll at UNA as transient students. Such enrollment typically occurs during the summer months. Transient approval forms are available in the academic deans’ offices. This form should be filed instead of a transcript. Additional information is available in this section under Transient Student.

UNA Early College

Academic achieving high school students may enroll in the UNA Early College program and may take up to 30 credit hours if they receive permission from their high schools. Early College students must receive special approval from the Senior Vice Provost for International Affairs to take study abroad courses and must pay tuition for these courses and all costs involved. Forms are available in the UNA Office of Admissions or online, and must be completed by the high school principal or guidance counselor. An official copy of the high school transcript should be sent by the high school directly to the UNA Office of Admissions. For application deadlines please refer to the Early College website.

Special Students

Under certain circumstances, students may enroll at UNA as special students. These are not considered to be degree-seeking students. Additional information is available in this section under Special Students.