BS in Engineering Technology

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Additional Graduation Requirements

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition):6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts): 112
Fundamentals of Speech
Business Ethics
3 Hours Fine Arts Elective
3 Hours Literature
Area III (Natural Science and Mathematics): 112-15
Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry
College Algebra
and College Trigonometry
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Laboratory
General Physics I
Technical Physics I
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Science): 1
Any History Sequence6
Social and Behavioral Science Courses6
Area V 1
CS 135Computer Skills for Problem-Solving3
CS 155Computer Science I3
MA 121Calculus for Business and Life Sciences I3
or MA 125 Calculus I
MA 122Calculus for Business and Life Sciences II3
or MA 126 Calculus II
OHS 301Occupational Safety and Health3
PH 242General Physics II 24
or PH 252 Technical Physics II
or BI 111 Principles of Biology
Major Core Requirements in Engineering Technology
ET 100Introduction to Engineering and Technology3
ET 370Engineering Economics3
ET 495WEngineering Tech Capstone4
MA 345Applied Statistics I3
Choose from the following Options: 36-40
Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Technology
Bio-Engineering Technology
A minor is not required for this major
General Electives3-10
General Elective Hours to bring total to 120
Total Hours120
Substitution of other courses which meet General Education guidelines at discretion of Department Chair.

Opt. 1 (E-M) requires PH 242 or PH 252; Opt. 2 (Chemical) and Opt. 3 (Bio-Eng) requires BI 111.

Option 1: Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

ET 150Computer Aided Drafting and Design4
ET 200Manufacturing Processes3
ET 210Electricity/Electronics Fundamentals and Green Energy4
ET 220Digital Electronics3
ET 300Materials Science3
ET 310Introduction to Solid Modeling3
ET 320Statics and Strength of Materials4
ET 340Power Transfer Technology3
ET 350Robotics and Automated Manufacturing4
ET 360Electrical Circuits and Devices3
Students must complete an additional 3 credit hours in any 100-400 level ET elective course.3
300-400 Level Elective 3
Total Hours40

Option 2: Chemical Engineering Technology

CH 112General Chemistry3
CH 112LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory1
CH 311Organic Chemistry4
CH 311LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory1
CH 341Applied Physical Chemistry3
CH 341LApplied Physical Chemistry Laboratory1
ET 300Materials Science3
ET 330Thermodynamics3
ET 301Mass and Energy Balance3
ET 401Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer4
ET 403Chemical Reactors and Separators5
ET 411Process Modeling and Simulations2
Students must complete an additional 3 credit hours in any 100-400 level ET elective course3
Total Hours36

Option 3: Bio-Engineering Technology

BI 112Principles of Biology4
BI 306Genetics4
BI 307Microbiology4
BI 406Microbial Ecology and Evolution4
CH 112General Chemistry3
CH 112LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory1
ET 202Introduction to Bio-Engineering and Computational Tools2
ET 301Mass and Energy Balance3
ET 302Bioprocess Engineering, Manufacturing, and Environmental Technology5
ET 304Bioreactor Design3
ET 415Molecular Biology for Engineers4
Students must complete an additional 3 credit hours in any 100-400 level ET elective course.3
Total Hours40