Asian Studies Minor

Minor in Asian Studies

The minor in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study which helps students become familiar with the histories, languages, geographies, religions, arts and cultural complexes of East, South, and Southeast Asia. This minor allows students to develop an in-depth and nuanced understanding of the peoples and cultures of Asia. Given the centrality of language to an informed understanding of culture, students pursuing this minor are strongly encouraged to study an Asian language, and to avail themselves of opportunities for study abroad in Asia.

Select 6 semester credit hours selected from the following history courses:6
Asians Civilizations to 1600
Asian Civilizations since 1600
History of Samurai
History of Geisha and Asian Women Through Film
History of Asian Religions
Special Topics 1
Select 12 semester credit hours selected from the following courses:12
Perspectives in Asian Art
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Global Perspectives through Study Abroad 1
Special Topics in International Studies 2
Geography of Asia
Special Topics 1
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Total Hours18