BS Major - Human Environmental Sciences

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Environmental Sciences

Additional Graduation Requirements

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition)6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts)12
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences)12
Area V
Additional Requirements
CIS 125Business Applications of Microcomputer Software 13
CNH 242Food Science3
CNH 342Nutrition3
HES or CNH or AR Elective 23
Major Core Requirements
HES 100Introduction to Human Sciences, Hospitality, and Design1
HES 261Introduction to Interior Design3
HES 341WTextiles and Materials3
HES 400Senior Semeinar3
HES 427Internship6
HES 443Family Develpment3
Major Concentrations
Select one from the following concentrations:30-37
Approved Minor
Select from approved minors18
Total Hours120

Concentration in Child Development

ED 299Human Growth and Development3
HES 212Creative Experiences for Young Children3
HES 244Exceptional Learners Birth to Age Five3
CNH 352Pediatric Nutrition3
HES 262Child Development3
HES 370Language and Literacy Development in Young Children3
HES 372Methods and Materials for Young Children3
HES 460Administration of Programs for Young Children3
HES 468Practicum in Child Development3
HES 470Infants and Toddlers3
HES 474Early Childhood Programs3
HPE 233First Aid3
Total Hours36

Concentration in Interior Design

AR 231Design I3
AR 232Design II3
HES 354Lighting and Mechanical Systems3
HES 364Interior Design I3
HES 365Interior Design II3
HES 366History of Interior Design3
HES 367Interior Design III3
HES 459Research in Design2
HES 461Interior Design Professional Practices3
HES 464Interior Design IV3
HES 465Senior Interior Design Studio3
Select one from the following Art or Design History Courses:3
Special Topics in Design History
Modern Art
Modern Architecture
Italian Renaissance Art
American Art
Art Studio Elective (300-400 level)3
Total Hours38

Concentration in Fashion Merchandising

HES 241Textile Product Analysis3
HES 320Historic Costume3
HES 321Merchandising3
HES 322Visual Presentation I3
HES 325Social and Cultural Aspects of Clothing3
HES 340Textile Global Sourcing3
HES 441Advanced Clothing3
Retail Buying
HES Electives6
Total Hours27