Educational Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Educational Studies

All Education courses require ASBI/FBI background clearance. The minor in Educational Studies does not lead to a Class B certification in Alabama. Students interested in Class B certification should refer to the major programs in Secondary Education in the undergraduate catalog.

ED 292Preprofessional Seminar and Laboratory Expereince1
ED 333WLearning Theories and Student Development 13
ED 382Curriculum and Teaching I 13
Select 12 hours from the following: 212
Instructional Technology for the High School
Evaluation of Teaching and Learning 1
Content Literacy
Materials and Methods of High School Training 1
Senior Seminar 1
Curriculum and Teaching II 1
Introduction to Students with Exceptional Learning Needs
Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language
Special Topics in Education
Content Methods Courses:
Methodology and Materials in Art
Methodology and Assessment of Teaching English as a Second Language
Methods of Teaching Physical Education , Grades 6-12
Methods of Teaching Physical Education, Grades P-6
Elementary School Music Methods
Secondary School Music Methods
Teaching Career-Technical Business Marketing Education
Methods and Materials for Teaching English/Language Arts
Methods in Foreign Language Instruction
Family and Consumer Sciences in the School and Community
History and Social Sciences
Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary Mathematics
Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools
Total Hours19