Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

ACONHP Program Goals 

Category Department Program Goals
1 UP/GP Provide high quality, innovative nursing and health related programs.
UP Offer high quality Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing and health related programs.
GP Offer high quality MSN program.
2 ACONHP To build and maintain student-centered nursing and health related programs.
UP/GP Graduate nurses and other health professionals who are prepared to practice in global healthcare environments.
3 ACONHP Provide a culturally diverse environment for students, faculty, and staff.
UP/GP Promote a culturally diverse learning environment designed to eliminate barriers to learning.
4 ACONHP Develop partnerships with community agencies to expand healthcare in the community.
UP/GP Develop and nurture a strong relationship with community health facilities and health professionals.
5 ACONHP Promote research and scholarly activities that advance nursing and health care knowledge.
UP/GP Foster scholarly activities, research, teaching, service, and practice that advance the knowledge base of nursing and other health care professions.

Expected Program Outcomes

Graduates of the bachelor of science in nursing program will: 

Category Department Program Goals
1 Function in professional nursing roles
2 Possess a foundation for graduate study.
3 Synthesize knowledge from a broad educational foundation upon which professional nursing practice is based.
4 Communicate and collaborate with members of the health team and other interested groups in identifying and meeting the health needs of individuals, families, and communities.
5 Demonstrate an understanding of the need for continuous personal and professional growth.
6 Possess basic knowledge about research and its application to practice.
7 Develop interpersonal and technological skills necessary to assume leadership roles within the BSN scope of practice.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program the student is awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and may be eligible to take the state licensing examination for qualification as a registered nurse (RN).