Title IX

The University of North Alabama has an expectation of mutual respect. Students, staff, administrators, and faculty are entitled to a working environment and educational environment free of discriminatory harassment. Both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the State of Alabama regard sexual harassment as a form of sex/gender discrimination and, therefore, as an unlawful discriminatory practice. This includes sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic and intimate partner violence, stalking, gender-based discrimination, discrimination against pregnant and parenting students, and gender-based bullying and hazing.

Faculty and staff are required by federal law to report any observations of harassment (including online harassment) as well as any notice given by students or colleagues of any of the behaviors noted above. Retaliation against any person who reports discrimination or harassment is also prohibited. UNA’s policies and regulations covering discrimination and harassment may be accessed at https://www.una.edu/policies. If you have experienced or observed discrimination or harassment, below are some resources to contact.

Formal Reporting

If a reporting party would like the University to investigate an incident, the reporting party may speak with:

Contact Phone Number
Title IX Administrator 256-765-4223
UNA Police 256-765-4357
Deputy Coordinator, Student Conduct 256-765-5012
Deputy Coordinator, Human Resources 256-765-4291
Deputy Coordinator, Athletics 256-765-4788

Online Reporting


Confidential Resources

If a reporting party would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, the reporting party may speak with:

Contact Phone Number
Student Counseling Services 256-765-5215
University Health Services 256-765-4328
Women’s Center 256-765-4380
Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion 256-765-5158

Local Resources

Contact Phone Number
One Place of the Shoals 256-284-7600
Safeplace (domestic violence) 256-767-6210 (hotline)
256-767-3076 (office)