The UNA Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions Master of Science in Nursing degree builds on the preparation of students at the BSN level with the following assumptions:

  • students have experience in professional nursing practice
  • students have background knowledge of nursing theory and research
  • students understand and use the nursing process
  • students are able to communicate effectively
  • students are involved in professional activities
  • students have leadership abilities
  • students can use technology effectively

The concept of communication is expanded to include participation in the leadership/instructor/researcher role. The concept of functioning as a “professional” is expanded to functioning in management/leadership/ executive roles. The concept  of  research  is  expanded  from  the  knowledge  level  to  the  performance  level. The concept of collaboration with members of the health team is expanded to the role of collaboration with academic, legislative, and economic officials, as well as leaders in other disciplines.