Joint Curriculum Two Degrees Program

The Joint Curriculum Two Degrees Program allows students to earn a Master of Business Administration degree and a Master of Science in Family Studies degree simultaneously.  Students must be eligible to be admitted to both programs and must meet the degree requirements as outlined int he joint curriculum below.  Forty-five (45) credit hours are required to complete both degrees.

Course Requirements:
AC 642Accounting Information for Strategic Decision Making2
CIS 622Information Systems Design and Project Management2
EC 692Strategic Microeconomic Analysis for Managers2
EMB 612Business Ethics and Responsibility in a Global Economy2
EMB 682Global Business2
FI 632Corporate Financial Strategy2
FS 500Families Studies Graduate Orientation1
FS 599Independent Study-Practicum3
FS 600Research Methods in Family Studies3
FS 601Applied Statistics in Family Studies3
FS 602Family Theories3
FS 604Family and Social Policy3
FS 606Family Problems and Methods of Intervention3
FS 698Comprehensive Examination0
Select one from the following: 3
Family Life Education
Family Diversity and Social Change
Social Psychology of Intimate Relationships
Contemporary Topics in Family Studies
MBA 600Foundations of Business, Part 12
MBA 601Foundations of Business, Part 22
MG 602Leadership and MBA Essentials2
MG 640Management Policy3
MK 672Strategic Marketing Analysis2
Total Hours45