Upon admission to the program, each student is assigned an adviser who, in consultation with the student, will plan the program of studies and provide continued supervision and guidance.

The Sanders College of Business participates in UNA’s graduate Repeat/Recompute policy. Any MBA or MAcc student earning a grade of C, D, or F in a graduate level course(s) may choose up to one course to retake for the purpose of recomputing their GPA. For each course identified and repeated, only the most recent grade, of B or above, will be used in recomputing the overall graduate GPA. However, all grades earned will remain on the official transcript. Credit hours earned per course may be used only one time toward meeting the number of credit hours required from graduation. The Repeat/Recompute policy is available only prior to the degree being conferred. Students must request their GPA be recomputed by completing the form at this link.