MBA Degree

MBA Core Courses and Concentrations

The MBA program is 34 semester hours, which consists of a 25 semester hour core and 9 semester hours of electives (see MBA– Accounting Concentration for specific requirements for the MBA– Accounting Concentration AND see Joint Curriculum Two Degree Program with a Family Studies Concentration for specific requirements in this 45 semester hours program-).

Only one concentration can be earned in 34 graduate hours. To earn an additional concentration, at least six additional credit hours must be taken in the second concentration before MBA degree is conferred.

MBA Core and Electives

MBA 600Foundations of Business, Part 12
MBA 601Foundations of Business, Part 22
AC 642Accounting Information for Strategic Decision Making2
CIS 622Information Systems Design and Project Management2
EC 692Strategic Microeconomic Analysis for Managers2
EMB 612Business Ethics and Responsibility in a Global Economy2
EMB 682Global Business2
FI 632Corporate Financial Strategy2
MG 602Leadership and MBA Essentials2
MG 640Management Policy3
MK 672Strategic Marketing Analysis2
QM 662Analytical Tools for Strategic Decision Making2
Select 9 hours from elective courses 1
Total Hours34

Concentration Electives


See MBA–Accounting Concentration

ERP Systems using SAP1

CIS 636Information Systems Management3
CIS 644Business Process Integration with ERP Systems3
Select one from the following:3
Software Engineering for the Enterprise
Database Management Systems
Electronic Commerce

Family Studies

See "Joint Curriculum Two Degrees" section on following pages.


FI 593Advanced Financial Management3
Select two from the following:6
Seminar in Finance
Security and Portfolio Analysis
Independent Study/Research

Global Business1

MG 632Advanced Concepts in Global Business3
Select two from the following:6
Global Entrepreneurship and Business Expansion
Global Business Structures, Mergers, and Acquisitions
International Experience/Internship

Health Care Management1

MG/MK 665Issues in Health Care Management3
MG 695Strategic Planning for Health Care Management3
MK 671Marketing for Health Care Management3

Human Resource Management1

MG 648Human Resources Management3
MG 658Strategic HR Planning and Development3
MG 668Advanced Personnel Management3

Information Systems1

Select three from the following:9
Software Engineering for the Enterprise
Research and Report Writing
Information Systems Management
Database Management Systems
Electronic Commerce
Data Communications Systems in the Global Economy

Project Management1

MG 585Project Management3
MG 670Developing High Performance Teams3
MG 685Cases in Applied Project Management3

Sales and New Business Development1

MK 620Sales Techniques for New Business Development3
MK 625Sales Mangagement Strategies for New Business Development3
Select one from the following:3
Category Management
Private and Government Contract Business
Purchasing, Logistics, and Supply Chain Mgt.
Key Account Management