Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is available for individuals with substantive business experience. This program is 34 semester hours. As shown below, the Online and On-Campus in Florence, AL, option has a prescribed curriculum which is different from that of the Hybrid in Asia option.

MBA Executive Curriculum (Online and On-Campus)

MBA 600Foundations of Business, Part 12
MBA 601Foundations of Business, Part 22
MBA 603MBA Essentials1
AC 642Accounting Information for Strategic Decision Making2
CIS 622Information Systems Design and Project Management2
DA 662Analytical Tools for Strategic Decision Making2
EC 692Strategic Microeconomic Analysis for Managers2
EMB 585Project Management for Executives (Project Management for Executives)3
EMB 602Management Mentoring1
EMB 603Corporate Governance1
EMB 612Business Ethics and Responsibility in a Global Economy2
EMB 625Leading Complex Collaborations3
EMB 680Career Management and Professional Development1
EMB 682Global Business2
FI 632Corporate Financial Strategy2
MG 602Leadership2
MG 630Strategic Management and Competitive Analysis2
MK 672Strategic Marketing Analysis2
Total Hours34

MBA Executive Curriculum (Hybrid in Asia) 

MBA 600Foundations of Business, Part 12
MBA 601Foundations of Business, Part 22
AC 626Cost for Management Decision Analysis3
CIS 625Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design3
EMB 604Legal, Social, Ethical Environment of Global Business3
EMB 605International Business Dynamics3
EMB 606Special Topics in Business3
EMB 607Human Capital Development3
FI 630Managerial Finance3
MG 624Organizational Behavior3
MG 640Management Policy3
MK 660Marketing Strategy3
Total Hours34