Family Nurse Practitioner Track - Post Masters Certification

Requirements for Family Nurse Practitioner Track

The post-masters certification is 23-32 credit hours, depending on the need to take the support courses.  The student will complete a minimum of 600 clinical hours and will attend two on-campus intensives.  Students must have had three separate courses in the following three areas within the past 5 years.  If not, students will be required to take/re-take the three support courses.

Support Courses (if required)0-9
Advanced Health Assessment
Advanced Clinical Pathophysiology
Advanced Pharmacology for Nurses
Discipline Specific Courses
NU 640RIntroduction to Family Nurse Practitioner3
NU 641RFamily Nurse Practitioner I4
NU 642RFamily Nurse Practitioner II4
NU 643RFamily Nurse Practitioner III4
NU 644RFamily Nurse Practitioner IV4
NU 645RFamily Nurse Practitioner V4
Total Hours23-32