Honors College

Department website: https://www.una.edu/honors/

The Honors College provides outstanding students at UNA a distinguished degree option.  The Honors College is open to all undergraduate students.  Students in any major or college may apply to participate in the Honors College (Students seeing a nursing degree may be eligible for the first time freshman Early Admission (EAdm) Option.  For more information contact the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professionals ).  Prospective students may apply at any time, and admission is selective.  The curriculum consists of five tracks.  There are no additional credit hours beyond the hours required for a regular degree in the major.  Honors courses typically replace required courses in the university curriculum and in individual majors.  To remain in the Honor College all students must maintain a 3.25 GPA, adhere to university policies, and make satisfactory progress toward completion of Honors requirements.  Students who complete Honors College requirements will receive a transcript and diploma designation along with recognition at Commencement.  

Honors Requirements

To be awarded a distinguished degree in Honors, students must complete one of the following options and their requirements:

Option 1

HON 101HHonors Forum1
HON 498HHonors Professional Learning Experience0
HON 499HHonors Senior Project0
Honors courses (includes HON 101H)21

Option 2

HON 101HHonors Forum1
HON 497HHonors Experiential Learning ePortfolio0
Honors Courses (includes HON 101H)21

Option 3

HON 101HHonors Forum1
Honors Courses (includes HON 101H)27

Option 4 

Honors Courses (includes HON 101H)12
Global Studies Certificate (5 courses)
One semester Magellan Study Abroad
HON 101HHonors Forum1

Option 5 

The Honors Dual Degree Engineering Option allows students to complete Honors requirements at UNA and potentially to complete Honors requirements at a partner institution as part of UNA's Dual Degree Engineering Option.  Students in the Honors College at UNA must remain in a dual degree engineering sequence to follow the Honors Engineering Track. 

HON 101HHonors Forum1
18 total hours of Honors courses which can include Honors courses and/or Honors credit granted at either institution.18