College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences contains the following departments:

Through its departments the College of Arts and Sciences offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, the Bachelor of Social Work degree and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree; provides preprofessional preparation for a variety of special fields; provides many of the subject fields approved for the degree program in secondary education offered by the College of Education and Human Sciences; offers the senior ROTC program; and supplies most of the coursework common to the basic undergraduate program and to the general education components in all university bachelor’s degree programs.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

In degree programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the student may elect either the Bachelor of Arts degree program or the Bachelor of Science degree program with any major listed for these degrees on fulfillment of the minimum requirements prescribed for each below. For the University’s basic program of study, course sequences, general requirements and procedures for graduation, reference should be made to Academic Procedures and Requirements. Reference also should be made to the major program selected for specific hour and course requirements. Courses taken to satisfy requirements in the general education components are applicable for satisfying major and minor requirements for the same courses, and the total credit hour requirements for the major and minor fields may be reduced thereby. Specific courses required for the fulfillment of major and/or minor requirements may be applied to the fulfillment of requirements for both or for another major or minor; however, these courses count only once toward the 120-semester hours required (except where specified higher) for graduation.

Minor Fields

The College of Arts and Sciences offers minor field concentrations in:

Secondary Certification

Although the regular programs for the preparation of secondary teachers for  the public schools are offered in the College of Education and Human Sciences, students taking degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences may also qualify for the Alabama Class B Professional Certificate by taking subject fields approved for secondary certification and

  1. by satisfying the requirements for admission to and retention in programs of educator preparation as prescribed by the College of Education and Human Sciences,
  2. by completing the additional prescribed coursework in both general education and professional education as prescribed by the College of Education and Human Sciences, and
  3. by satisfying the State Board of Education grade point average and  test score  requirements (see College of Education and Human Sciences).

Preprofessional Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences provides undergraduate work of one to four years required for admission to professional schools in the areas listed below. For preprofessional programs in the health professions, a Health Professions Advisory Committee provides special advisory and informational services to interested students.

  • Agriculture and Forestry  
  • Architecture            
  • Engineering        
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry and Podiatry
  • Pharmacy                              
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medical Technology
  • Other Health Professions
  • Law and Others

For descriptions and recommended schedules on these programs see Preprofessional Programs at the end of the College of Arts and Sciences.