Certificate in Religious Studies

The Certificate in Religious Studies is designed to provide students intending to continue on to seminary or individuals who are currently in ministry as full-time or bi-vocational ministers with courses that will support continued study and/or support their current ministerial activities. Courses will address needs in biblical studies, pastoral care and communications. Students will complete 12 credit hours. The Certificate in Religious Studies may be completed online.

Biblical and Historical Studies or Pastoral Care and Communication.

Required Courses
RE 111World Religions3
RE 221Old Testament Introduction3
RE 231New Testament Introductions3
Select one of the following Tracts:6
Biblical and Historical Studies Tract
Select two from the following courses:
Life of Jesus
Life and Letters of Paul
Prophets of the Hebrew Bible
Biblical History
History of Religion in the United States
Other electives in History or Religious Studies as approved by the program coordinator
Pastoral Care and Communication Tract
Select two of the following courses:
Human Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Current Social Problems
Aging and Society
Death and Dying
Total Hours15