Department of Military Science


The Department of Military Science offers a program of leadership study in the U. S. Army Senior ROTC Program through which students may earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army, the Army National Guard, or the Army Reserve upon graduation. The program consists of a two-year Basic Course Program and a two-year Advanced Course Program. Credit for the Basic Course Program may be accomplished by completion of the four-week Basic Camp prior to enrollment in the Advanced Course Program.

Students with prior military training who wish to enroll in the Advanced Course may have part or all of the Basic Course requirements waived by the Professor of Military Science. Nursing students who have not completed the Basic Course Program may enter the Advanced Program via the Alternate Entry Option. Advanced Course students must complete university requirements and United States Military History (HI 374) prior to commissioning.

The department provides the basic ROTC coursework for a minor in military science. Enrollment in the Basic Course Program does not commit the student to continue in the Advanced ROTC program or incur a military obligation. Students selected for the advanced course learn leadership and decision-making skills. They may elect to pursue a minor in military science in satisfaction of requirements for a minor field in regular degree (non-teaching) programs. Up to four credit hours of the Basic Course requirements for the minor (Fundamentals Concepts of Leadership (MS 111)Basic Leadership (MS 112)Advanced Leadership (MS 211)Tactics and Officership (MS 212)) may be granted by virtue of prior military training or completion of the Basic Camp.

In appropriate circumstances and subject to the approval of the chair of the department, students may be permitted to compress the courses MS I and II through concurrent enrollment. The compression of leadership laboratories through concurrent enrollment will be supplemented by additional instruction.

Qualifications for Advanced Course

The minimum requirements for entrance to the advanced course are as follows:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Successfully pass the prescribed physical examination.
  3. Successfully complete such survey and general screening tests as may be presented.
  4. Be able to qualify for a commission prior to the age of 32 (Age waiver required for ages 30-32).
  5. Have at least two academic years to complete for graduation.
  6. Be approved by the Professor of Military Science.
  7. Execute a written agreement with the government to complete the two-year advanced course training and to attend the Advance Course, preferably at the end of the first year of the advanced course, and to accept a reserve commission if tendered.
  8. Have completed two years basic ROTC training, Basic Camp, or have prior military service.
  9. Have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (based on a 4.0 scale).
  10. Have junior academic standing (60 hours). Graduate students, or students seeking additional degrees, may also qualify.

Payment and Allowances

Contracted Cadets receive a monthly allowance of not less than $420 from ROTC.

When attending the Advanced Camp or Basic Camp, the Cadet is paid at the same rate as a United States Military Academy Cadet and receives transportation reimbursement. Uniforms, housing, and food are furnished by the government during the summer internship period.

Simultaneous Membership Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows qualified students the opportunity to participate in the ROTC Advanced Program and the Army National Guard or Army Reserve simultaneously. SMP participants receive a monthly stipend from ROTC, Sergeant (E-5) pay for attending monthly Guard or Reserve training assemblies, and GI Bill and Tuition Assistance benefits upon completion of eligibility requirements.

ROTC Scholarship

ROTC scholarships are awarded under the provisions of Public Law 88-647. These scholarships provide for books, tuition and laboratory fees, and payment of a monthly stipend allowance, not to exceed 10 months per year, or 40 months for four-year scholarships. Subsistence allowance is not paid during the time cadets are attending summer training. Scholarships are for a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. Applications for four-year scholarships must be forwarded to Headquarters, U. S. Army Cadet Command, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121. It is recommended that applications be submitted by January 10 of the year in which the student is to graduate from high school. Applications for two and three-year scholarships must be filed with the professor of military science during the student’s first or second year in college. For complete scholarship information contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at 256-765-4458 or visit

Distinguished Military Students and Distinguished Military Graduates

The Professor of Military Science may designate as distinguished military students persons who:

  1. possess outstanding qualities of military leadership, high moral character, and definite aptitude for military service;
  2. have attained a military science standing in the upper third of their ROTC  class;
  3. have attained an overall academic standing in the upper half of their university class;
  4. have demonstrated initiative and leadership capacities through participation and achievements in campus and civic activities.
    The Army may designate as distinguished military graduates persons who.
  5. are distinguished military students;
  6. have completed the advanced course, senior division, ROTC;
  7. have been graduated from college with a baccalaureate degree; and
  8. have maintained to the date of graduation from college the high standards required for designation as distinguished military students.

Designated ROTC students obtain the prescribed uniform from the Department of Military Science. The uniform is the property of the United States Government and is lent to the student for wear at such times as the Professor of Military Science may direct. It must be returned to the department when called for or when the student withdraws from or completes the course in which enrolled.