Department of Communication

Communications Department

The Department of Communication offers major programs in Communication Arts and Mass Communication. The Communication Arts program offers the option of Communication Studies. The Mass Communication program offers individual options in Public Relations and Journalism & Digital Media Production. These major programs may lead to the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree. The department offers minor fields in Communication Studies, Digital Media Production, Journalism, and Public Relations, as well as basic course work required in the general education component in all degree programs.

All options in the Department of Communication provide students with skills to pursue careers in the option areas. The areas of study are well suited for students wishing to pursue additional post-graduate study.

The Communication Arts major combines a common core of communications classes and a specific combination of theoretical and applied courses in communications or film and digital media with a liberal arts-based education.

The Communication Studies option emphasizes the applied and theoretical aspects of human communication as a social science. The Mass Communication major provides pre-professional communications training, including a core of skills-based mass communication coursework to establish effective writing and research skills, with a liberal arts-based education. Students in Mass Communication learn to gather, analyze and convey information through mass communication channels.

The Journalism & Digital Media Production option provides students with the writing, production, and theoretical skills necessary for careers in traditional and digital mass media. The Public Relations option provides pre-professional training for careers in public relations information services or further study in applied communications.
Students are assisted in their career entry with Communication Capstone (COM 420); topics include job hunting, resume preparation, and preparation of a portfolio of student work. This class will include an exit examination.

Communication majors participate in activities related to their option area through course credit and extracurricular activities.

A minimum passing grade of ā€œCā€ is required for all COM courses taken by Communication Arts and Mass Communication majors and Communication minors when taken as part of the major or minor program. If a ā€œCā€ is not earned in a COM course taken as part of a major or minor, the course will not count toward the completion of the major or minor and must be repeated.