Department of English

English Department

The Department of English offers a major program in English with options in Literature, Language Arts, and Professional Writing leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The department also offers masters degrees in English and Writing as well as minor programs in Applied Linguistics, Creative Writing, English, Film Studies, HCIUX, and Professional Writing, and certificates in Professional Writing and TESOL.

The option in Literature is designed for students who wish to concentrate in this field or to continue to graduate study in Literature. The capstone is a significant research project (EN 491) and an exit exam.  The option in Language Arts is designed for students who wish to teach English/ Language Arts in grades 6-12. The capstone is the Praxis exam administered by the College of Education.  The option in Professional Writing is designed to accommodate students who may wish to develop composition skills as preparation for future employment or for students who wish to continue to graduate studies in writing.  The capstone is a portfolio of compositions (EN 489W).

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in English include completion of the general education component for the Bachelor’s degree, the major field, an approved minor field, and remaining general electives to bring the total to 120 credit hours. Students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree must take 6 credit hours of a foreign language.

All students majoring in English are required to complete both courses in a literature sequence for their Area II general education requirement.  The sequences are British Literature (EN 211 and 212), American Literature (EN 221 and 222), or World Literature (EN 231 and 232).  English majors in the Language Arts option are required to take both courses in the American literature sequence (EN 221 and 222).

The minor in English, with its emphasis on communicative and interpretive skills, provides strong support to practically any major in the curriculum.  The minor in Applied Linguistics introduces students to the tools of linguistics as they are applied in research and education.  The minor in Creative Writing allows students to explore their own creative potential through language.  The minor in Film Studies gives students an insight into film and television as creative and historical media subject to interpretation.  The minor in HCIUX is an interdisciplinary minor which draws together the communicative potential of art, language, and computer programming; only Option II majors may select the English HCIUX minor.  The minor in Professional Writing develops students’ skills in composition for the workplace.

Students in any major may receive a designation of “honors in English” on their transcripts and at graduation.  In order to receive such a designation, students must successfully complete honors sections of the Area II Literature sequence and the Honors Seminar in Literature (EN 304H).  There are two routes into EN 112H.  Students with a minimum score of 28 on the ACT English Subtest or a minimum of 630 on the SAT English Subtest may choose to enroll in EN 111H.  Successful completion of EN 111H with a grade of C or better allows the student to enroll in EN 112H.  Alternatively, students who are recommended by their First-Year Composition I (EN 111) instructors may enroll in First-Year Composition Honors II (EN 112H).  Successful completion of EN 112H with a grade of C or better allows the student to enroll in one of the honors literature sequences: British (EN 211H and 212H), American (EN 221H and 222H), or World (EN 231H and EN 232H).  Students who receive an F in an honors literature course will not be permitted to enroll in further honors literature courses.  Students completing the honors sequence may choose to enroll in Honors Seminar-Literature (EN 304H), as an elective course of study.  Students completing the honors sequence (including Honors Seminar-Literature (EN 304H)) with a 3.2 average or higher on the last 9 hours will be designated in commencement programs as graduating with “honors in English” and a notation will be designated on their transcripts.

Grades in all First- Year Composition courses (First-Year Composition I (EN 111)First Year Composition II (EN 112)First-Year Composition Honors I (EN 111H)First-Year Composition Honors II (EN 112H)) are awarded as A, B, C, or NC (no credit). Students who receive a grade of NC must repeat the course consecutively until they have earned a grade of C or higher. Students receiving a grade of NC in English First-Year Composition Honors I (EN 111H) must return to the sequence beginning with English First-Year Composition I (EN 111). Students who receive a grade of NC in English First-Year Composition Honors II (EN 112H) must complete the sequence by enrolling in English First Year Composition II (EN 112).

All students with a score of 17 or below on the ACT English Subtest or 410 or below on the SAT English Subtest are required to enroll in Basic English (EN 099), Basic English, as the first course in English. Basic English (EN 099) is a noncredit course which counts for the equivalent of three credit hours on the schedule load and for which only grades of S (Satisfactory) and U (Unsatisfactory) are reported. A student receiving a grade of S advances to the credit sequence beginning with First-Year Composition I (EN 111). A student receiving a grade of U may repeat the course. After the second term in Basic English (EN 099) the student, no matter what the grade, must proceed to the credit sequence beginning with First-Year Composition I (EN 111).

Regularly scheduled personal conferences with the instructor are required of all students taking First-Year Composition; however, any students having difficulty in their written work are urged to confer with any members of the departmental faculty who are available for assistance.