BA/BS Major in English

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in English

Additional Graduation Requirements

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition)6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts) 112
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences)12
Area V
Major Core Requirements in English
Select three hours from the following pre-19th century British literature courses:3
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature
English Drama
Select three hours from the following American literature courses:3
African American Women Writers
Genre Studies in American Literature
African-American Literature
Transnational American Literature
Folklore of the American South
The American Novel
Literature of the American Frontier
The Contemporary American Novel
Selected Topics in American Literature
Select three hours from the following literature of diversity courses:3
African American Women Writers
Contemporary Global Literature
Images of Women in Literature
African-American Literature
Black Southern Literature
Studies in Contemporary Global Literature
Restorative Storytelling
Select three hours from the following writing intensive courses:3
Advanced Composition
Genres in Creative Writing
Rhetoric: Argument and Style
Prescribed Supporting Course
CIS 125Business Applications of Microcomputer Software3
or ED 381 Instructional Technology for the High School
Major Concentration Requirements27-39
Select one from the following options:
A minor, second major or second degree is required for Option I and Option II majors
General Electives - if required to bring total hours to 120
Total Hours120

For BA degree, select six hours of a required foreign language at the introductory level


Select an additional 24 hours above the 200  level.

Option I: Literature

Select three hours from the following courses with a language, history of language, or rhetoric concentration:3
Introduction to English Linguistics
History of the English Language
Survey of Grammar
Rhetoric: Argument and Style
EN 301Introduction to Literary Studies3
EN 360Literary Criticism3
EN 491WSenior Seminar3
Select 15 hours from English electives (300-400 level) with at least 12 of these hours in literature courses 115
Total Hours27

i.e. English courses other than those in writing, rhetoric, language, or linguistics.

Option II: Professional Writing

Required Component
EN 302WIntroduction to Professional Writing3
EN 339WTechnical and Scientific Writing3
EN 355WGenres in Creative Writing3
EN 445WMultimodal Writing3
EN 489WProfessional Writing Portfolio Workshop3
Elective Component
Select a total of 9 hours of electives:9
Advanced Composition
Writing about Film
Language and Gender
Writing Protest and Dissent
Technical and Scientific Editing
Grant Writing and Management
Grant Writing for the Creative Writer
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction and Drama
Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry and Creative Nonfiction
Literacy, Culture, and Writing
English Internship/Practicum
Selected Topics in Writing
Language/History and Language/Rhetoric
Select three hours from the following:3
History of the English Language
Survey of Grammar
Rhetoric: Argument and Style
Total Hours27

Option III: Language Arts

English Component
British/World Literature Course 13
EN 323Literature for Young Adults 23
EN 324The Oral Tradition3
EN 403Shakespeare3
EN 405African-American Literature3
EN 441History of the English Language3
EN 442Survey of Grammar3
EN 443Instruction of Composition3
Communications Component
COM 205Communication in a Global Age3
COM 215Media Writing3
CAT 210Theatre Appreciation3
CAT 220Beginning Acting3
Total Hours36

300 or 400 level replaces pre-19th Century British Literature requirement in English Core


At least 3 hours in a literature course