Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy

Criminal Justice Department

The Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy (PJLP) offers majors in political science and criminal justice leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (see UNA Graduate Catalog), as well as undergraduate minors in administration of justice, crime scene investigation, criminal justice, international political studies, juvenile justice, law enforcement, legal studies, philosophy, philosophy and religious studies, political science, public administration, and security and emergency management.  The bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science may be earned 100% online. 

The mission of the department is to provide an understanding of the fields of criminal justice and political science, while recognizing the diverse nature of both disciplines, and to prepare students for graduate school, professional school, and for their vocations in a variety of public service areas--from military service and security and emergency management to crime scene investigation; from public administration to intelligence and foreign services. Students will study core courses in their major in order to make them conversant with both the scope and methodology of the social sciences, and then concentrate on electives of most interest to them. The Department of Politics, Justice, Law, and Philosophy strives to challenge students to develop their critical reasoning ability, learn more about the society around them, and write and research effectively. Upon graduation, students may pursue graduate study leading to teaching and research at the university level, or pursue law or other professional schools; some assume employment within public administration, law enforcement, corrections, court administration, security and emergency management or other public service areas within the federal, state and local government agencies or the private sector.

The department values experiential learning, offering internships in government agencies and legal practice, while emphasizing student involvement with Interagency Symposiums, Mock Trials, Model United Nations, and a variety of student organizations and honor societies.

Students with majors in criminal justice or political science are required to complete exit exams prior to graduation.*

*Exit Exam is waived for 100% online students majoring in criminal justice or political science.