Public History Minor

The Public History Minor may be competed online if arrangements are made for HI 496 (Public History Internship) to be completed at an appropriate venue in the student's location.

Requirements for a Minor in Public History1

HI 301WHistory and Historical Research3
HI 320Introduction to Public History3
HI 496Public History Internship3
Select from the following public history electives:6
Material Culture
Collections Management
Historical Archeology
Fieldwork Methods Course
Digital Collections Management
History of American Architecture
Exhibit Design
Oral History
Digital History
Select from the following related electives:6
Accounting Concepts I
Accounting Concepts II
Modern Architecture
Aural-Visual Production
Technical and Scientific Writing
Grant Writing and Management
Geographic Information Systems
Urban Geography
Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
Principles of Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to Anthropology
Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources
Natural Resource Management
Additional courses with the approval of the Chair of the Department of History
Total Hours21

Students in the Public History Minor program who also wish to earn a History Minor may overlap only one Public History elective toward their electives category for the History Minor. The courses required for the Public History minor, HI 320 and HI 496, cannot be counted toward the History electives for the History Minor when both a History Minor and a Public History Minor are sought. The Public History elective course chosen for overlap may be HI 411, HI 412, HI 413, HI 414, HI 415, HI 416, HI 465, HI 476, or HI 480. At least 6 credit hours of History electives (300-400 level) for the History Minor must come from non-public history elective courses.