Black Studies Minor

Requirements for Black Studies Minor

The Black Studies minor will provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the lives and experiences of people of African descent.  Students will complete a total of 18 hours of coursework, with 12 hours of required coursework in the Black Studies core curriculum and 6 additional hours of coursework in approved electives.

Black Studies Core Curriculum
BKS 101Introduction to Black Studies3
HI 264Introduction to the African Diaspora3
EN 405African-American Literature3
BKS 401Black Studies Research Seminar3
Electives (6 Hours): Choose from the courses below. Other course elective options may be considered with the approval of the program advisor.6
African American Women Writers
Black Southern Literature
Slavery in the Americas
Slavery in the United States
Black Americans to 1877
Black Americans since 1877
History of the Caribbean
History of Africa
Abolition and Emancipation in the United States
Geography of Africa
Sociology of Hip-Hop Culture
The Justice System: Race, Class, Gender
The Justice System: Race, Class, Gender
Total Hours18