HCI/UX Evaluation Minor

The Department of Psychology and Sociology offers a minor in human-computer interaction/user experience - evaluation (HCI-UX). This minor offers students an interdisciplinary academic background in human-computer interaction and user interface. Upon completion of the HCI/UX Evaluation minor, students will be prepared for employment in the technology design industry.

Requirements for a Minor in HCI/UX Evaluation1

AR 231Design I3
Select one from the following:3
Computer Science I
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Information Systems in Organizations
CIS 289Introduction to Human Computer Interaction/User Experience (HCI/UX)3
CIS 489Capstone HCI/UX Project3
EN 445WMultimodal Writing3
PY 385Cognitive Psychology3
Total Hours18

Open only to Psychology Majors

Note: It is recommended that students with the HCI/UX Evaluation minor and major in Psychology take Industrial and Organizational Psychology (PY 435) and Introduction to Psychological Tests (PY 451) as elective choices if available.