BA/BS Major in Sociology

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree

Additional Graduation Requirements

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition)6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts) 112
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences)12
Introductory Sociology
Select one of the following sequences:
Survey of World Civilization to 1500
and Survey of World Civilization since 1500
United States History to 1877
and United States History since 1877
Select one course from the following:
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Human Growth and Development
Global Environments and Societies
People, Place, and Culture
United States Government and Politics
General Psychology
Current Social Problems
Area V18
Major Core Requirements
SO 221Introductory Sociology 23
SO 222Current Social Problems 23
SO 223Marriage and the Family3
SO 310WMethods of Social Research4
SO 423History of Social Thought3
SO 428Modern Sociological Theory3
Select 15 hours of Sociology Electives15
Exit Exam0
Prescribed Supporting Course
CIS 125Business Applications of Microcomputer Software 33
or CS 135 Computer Skills for Problem-Solving
A Minor OR one of the following Tracks is required for this major:
General Elective
General Elective hours if needed to bring total to 120
Total Hours120

For BA degree, select 6 hours of a required foreign language at the introductory level


These courses are required in the major if not completed as part of the General Education component


Fulfills computer literary requirement

Family Life Education Track 

No Minor will be required for students in this track.

FS 401Family Life Education3
FS 440Theories of Family Dynamics3
MG 310Personal Wealth Management3
SO 300Sociology of Gender and Sexual Behavior3
or HPE 406 Human Sexuality
SO 301Parenting and Socialization3
SO 430Law and Society3
or SW 305 Social Services, Programs, and Policies
SO 443Social Psychology of Intimate Relationships3
SO 495Internship in Sociological Practice3
Total Hours24

NOTE: All students completing the Family Life Education track will have completed all of the required course work to receive a Certificate in Family Life Education from the National Council on Family Relations.

Non-Profit Management Track

No Minor will be required for students in this track.

AC 291Accounting Concepts I3
COM 230Foundations of Public Relations3
or COM 306 Interpersonal Communication
FS 401Family Life Education3
MG 362Human Resources Management3
SO 225Nonprofit Management and Leadership3
SO 305Sociology of Community3
SO 345The Justice System: Race, Class, Gender3
or SO 410 Family Diversity and Social Change
or SO 421 Cultural Diversity and Social Inequality
SO 495Internship in Sociological Practice3
Total Hours24

Organizational and Industrial Leadership Track

The Human Resources Management Minor must be completed in conjunction with this track:

Choose 15 credit hours from the following:15
Sociology of Gender and Sexual Behavior
Sociology of Consumer Culture
The Self and Social Interaction
Cultural Diversity and Social Inequality
Social Psychology
Sociology of Emotions
Choose 6 credit hours from the following:6
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Introduction to Psychological Tests
Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
Personnel Supervision and Management in ABA
Human Resources Management Minor18
Introduction to Business
Principles of Management
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Human Resources Management
Employment Law
Performance Appraisals and Compensation
Total Hours39