Dual Degree Engineering

Engineering Program Options

Students who wish to prepare for a career in one of the many fields of engineering have two options at the University: completion of UNA's Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program, or the 3+2 dual degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (BSET). The BSET is UNA's 4-year degree designed to prepare graduates for entry-level engineering positions in a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing environments. Students can choose from 3 different options: Electro-mechanical, Chemical, and Bio- Engineering Technology. The BSET is administered by the Department of Engineering and Technology at UNA. Returning students who already have a 4-year STEM-related degree may also qualify for UNA's Master of Science in Applied Manufacturing Engineering (MSAME) as a pathway into an engineering career.

Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP). The DDEP program is a 3+2 year curriculum plan offering students the opportunity to earn two bachelor’s degrees in 5 years. One undergraduate degree will be in a participating major at UNA and the other degree will be awarded in engineering from an external engineering institution. Degree programs participating in the DDEP at UNA are Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. For advisors in specific areas, see the Department of Mathematics. The specific curriculum for each DDEP student will depend on each student's UNA major as well as their chosen engineering major at the external engineering institution. Each DDEP student must meet the admission requirements for transfer students at the external engineering institution.