Certificate in Music: Percussion Specialist

The Certificate in Music: Percussion Specialist program is designed to prepare students who wish to go into a primary or secondary position as a percussion instructor to be adequately prepared for the current trends and job demands in the field. This certificate program responds to contemporary innovations in the field of percussion,
including the growth of the marching arts, the use of electronics in concert band composition, the requirement for greater theatrical elements in percussion compositions, and other similar changes. The percussion teacher of today must often be proficient as a show designer, audio engineer, stage director, and arranger, as well as a percussion pedagogue. This certificate addresses these varied roles through specific coursework in the variety of areas in which the modern percussion instructor must work. This certificate is designed to be completed within the elective hours for the BA or BS in Music Degree.

Requirements for the Certificate in Music: Percussion Specialist

CAT 250Rendering3
MU 123Composition3
or MU 223 Composition
MU 151Class Percussion1
MU 315Percussion2
MU 372Survey of Music Technology3
MU 392Instrumental Literature and Pedagogy2
MU 490Special Topics1
ENT 335Survey of Audio Recording3
ENT 340Live Production Technology3
Total Hours21