Latin American Studies Minor

The minor in Latin American Studies provides students a solid foundation in the histories and cultures of Latin American countries. By combining coursework from a variety of disciplines, students will gain a broad-based understanding of Latin America from the perspective of history, society, politics, language, literature, business, environment, and culture. The minor in Latin American Studies is an excellent complement to traditional majors in both the humanities and business, and provides a substantial foundation for such professional careers as international business, law, teaching, social work, nursing, criminal justice, and government service. It is also excellent preparation for graduate study in such disciplines as business, international management, law, and the humanities.

All students pursuing the minor in Latin American Studies are required to complete 18 semester credit hours. At least nine of the 18 hours must be taken outside the student’s major.

Study abroad in a Latin American country is highly recommended.

Required Courses
FL 204Introduction to Latin American Studies3
or FL 204H Introduction to Latin American Studies (Honors)
Select six semester hours from the following: 6
Introductory Spanish
and Introductory Spanish
Elementary Portuguese I
and Elementary Portuguese II
Elective Courses
Select nine semester credit hours from the following:9
Cross-Cultural Interaction
Geography of Latin America
Latin American Colonial History
Latin American History Since 1824
History of the Caribbean
History of Mexico
International Business
International Business
Latin American Civilization
Spanish Writing for Business
Advanced Spanish for Business
Survey of Latin American Literature I
Survey of Latin American Literature II
Total Hours18