Global Studies Minor

The minor in Global Studies is a rigorous interdisciplinary program which offers students an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for the many and diverse challenges of our increasingly interconnected world. By complementing their major area of study with the minor in Global Studies, students will gain a broad understanding of the interrelations among the countries, cultures and citizens of the world. The minor in Global Studies, which brings together courses that have an international focus, is an excellent complement to traditional majors in both the humanities and in business, and provides a substantial foundation for such professional careers as international business, teaching, and government service. It is also excellent preparation for graduate study in such disciplines as business, international management, law, and the humanities. All students pursuing the minor in Global Studies are required to complete 21 semester credit hours, at least half of which must be in junior-senior level courses (numbered 300-400), as stipulated below.

All students pursuing the minor in Global Studies must complete two college semesters, or the equivalent, in a single foreign language.

FL 101Introduction to Global Studies3
or FL 101H Introduction to Global Studies - Honors
Select three credit hours from the following geography courses:3
Global Environments and Societies
People, Place, and Culture
Geography of Europe
Geography of the United States and Canada
Geography of Latin America
Geography of the Middle East
Geography of Asia
Economic Geography
Geography of Africa
Advanced Cultural Geography
Select three credit hours from the following history courses:3
Special Topics in International Studies
Survey of World Civilization since 1500
Russian History since 1801
Latin American Colonial History
Latin American History Since 1824
Asians Civilizations to 1600
Asian Civilizations since 1600
United States Diplomatic History
Nineteenth Century European History 1815-1914
Twentieth Century European History 1914-Present
History of the Caribbean
The Middle East Past and Present
History of Africa
Select three credit hours from the following humanities courses:3
Art History Survey II
Contemporary Global Literature
Studies in Contemporary Global Literature
Introduction to Latin American Studies
Introduction to Latin American Studies (Honors)
Culture through Cinema
Cross-Cultural Interaction
Civilization and Culture
Civilization and Culture
Sociology of Culture
Cultural Diversity and Social Inequality
Law and Society
Spanish Civilization
Latin American Civilization
Select three credit hours from the following:3
International Law of Commerce
International Trade and Finance
International Business
International Business
Comparative Government and Politics
World Politics
International Organization
Global Women's Issues
Select 6 additional semester credit hours from any of the previous sections.6
Total Hours21