BFA in Cinematic Arts and Theatre

Admission to Program Requirements

Students must gain university admission, plus admission into their particular area of concentration within the Cinematic Arts and Theater BFA degree program, be it actor training, theatrical design and tech or film production. This new program intends to distinguish itself through a limited admission process to those who are ready for intense study and professional training.  Each concentration will limit acceptance to 16 students or 48 maximum per year.

Degree Requirements for the BFA in Cinematic Arts and Theatre

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition)6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts)12
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences)12
Area V19
First-Year Experience Seminar
Beginning Acting (or equivalent beginning acting course)
General Electives - 15 hours
Cinematic Arts and Theatre Core
CAT 100Elements of Cinematic Arts and Theatre I6
CAT 201Stagecraft3
CAT 253Intro to Film Production3
CAT 293WScreenwriting Fundamentals3
CAT 301Elements of Cinematic Arts and Theatre II6
CAT 310Script Analysis3
CAT 370Directing I3
CAT 480Topics in Cinematic Arts and Theatre3
Choose 3 courses from the following:9
Cinematic Language
Design History: Period Styles
Dramatic Literature Criticism
History of Theatre
Approaches to Film Studies
Film Theory and Criticisms
Film Authors
Film Genres
Special Topics in Film Studies
Choose from one of the following concentrations:21
Total Hours120

Acting for the Stage and Screen Concentration

CAT 200Voice and Movement I3
CAT 300Intermediate Acting3
CAT 320Voice and Movement II3
CAT 335Acting for the Camera3
CAT 400Advanced Acting3
CAT 470Directing II3
CAT 499Independent Study-Internship3
Total Hours21

Design and Tech Concentration

CAT 250Rendering3
CAT 280Drafting for Theatre3
CAT 340Scenography3
CAT 350Design for the Stage3
CAT 360Advanced Design Techniques3
CAT 380Stage Management3
CAT 420Portfolio Prep3
Total Hours21

Film Production Concentration

CAT 383Film Practicum Pre-Production3
CAT 393WShort Screenplay Writing3
CAT 423Intermediate Film Production3
CAT 443Advanced Film Production3
CAT 453WFeature Screenplay Writing3
CAT 470Directing II3
CAT 493Film Production Practicum3
Total Hours21