Housing and Residence Life Rent Refund

Rent for all university housing (residence halls and apartments) is billed to the student’s account and payable with tuition and other expenses according to the University’s payment dates.

If a student officially withdraws from the University while residing in university housing, the student may qualify for a prorated refund of rent. This is determined by the date of the student’s official check-out from the assigned residence hall/apartment.

Per Academic Semester

When Percentage Refund
During the first week 80%
During the second week 60%
During the third week 40%
During the fourth week 20%
After the fourth week 0%

Students are not eligible for a refund if vacating their assigned residence hall/apartment while remaining enrolled at the University.  Residents are not eligible for a refund if suspended from the residence halls/apartments for any disciplinary reason.  

Residence Halls

Residence hall room charges are applied to student accounts prior to the beginning of each semester (fall/spring).  Residents enrolled for the following fall semester also have the option of applying for summer hall residency at an additional charge.  Residence halls do not close for university holidays; therefore, no additional charges will be applied for residence during these time periods.  


Apartment charges are applied to student accounts prior to the beginning of each semester (fall/spring).  Apartment residents are billed for five months' rent with fall tuition and five months' rent with spring tuition.  Residents also have the option of selecting summer hall residency for an additional charge if a contract for occupancy exists for the following academic year.  Rent is applied beginning the 1st day of the month for which the apartment contract period is signed and is consecutively applied for the length of the contract period (academic year).