Residence Hall Application Fee and Apartment Desposit

Residence Hall

Residence hall applications will be processed upon receipt of a contract and $150 nonrefundable application fee which must be paid by a debit or credit card authorization. The residence hall application fee is considered a continuing fee for subsequent assignments as long as the student maintains an active residence hall assignment and applies during the reclaim/selection process. Failure to reapply during the reclaim/selection process in the spring voids the continuing fee and the student must repay the application fee. Admission to the University of North Alabama is required before an assignment is created.

All residential students are required to purchase a meal plan while residing on campus.  The UNA Board of Trustees reviews and approves meal plans annually.  Available options are determined by entry status and academic classification.  For the current information on plans and pricing, please visit  

Apartment Deposits

Apartment applications will be processed upon receipt of a contract and a $200 deposit, which must be paid by debit or credit card authorization. The apartment deposit is $200.00 per resident or married couple. Apartment deposits are refundable if a written request to cancel the apartment application is submitted prior to signing an apartment contract. Apartment deposits are retained by the University as a credit against any charges for property damage, loss, or cleaning fees deemed appropriate at the conclusion of the contract period. Damages, losses, or cleaning costs in excess of deposits are added to the student's account and must be paid before a student can register or receive any services from the University. If the apartment resident does not properly check out with the Housing and Residence Life staff, the deposit is forfeited and will not be refunded.  The deposit also cannot be used as a credit against any additional charges such as damages, loss, or cleaning costs. The deposit is refundable if the apartment resident has met the terms and conditions of the apartment contract.  Any refund of the deposit is subject to other charges that the apartment resident may owe the University.