The issuance of professional certificates for teachers and other public school personnel is a function of the Alabama State Department of Education under the authority of and according to regulations and procedures approved by the Alabama State Board of Education and contained in the Administrative Code. The University of North Alabama cannot assume responsibility for changes in certification requirements due to the changes in the State Board of Education policy.

Students successfully completing the approved programs described in this catalog must also meet all Alabama State Department of Education regulations for the appropriate certificate including experience, background clearance and testing requirements. Completion GPA is 3.25 for Class A Certification and 3.50 for Class AA Certification.

Graduates are encouraged to apply for certification upon program completion. If graduates apply for certification at a later date, all certification requirements in place at the time that the application is filed must be met, even if they are different from those in place at the time of program completion.

Application for certification is made through the Office of Educator Preparation and must be accompanied by the required application fee. Students who intend to use graduate work at the University of North Alabama to apply for certification in another state should apprise themselves in advance of the requirements and procedures of the particular state.

If an individual admitted to a Class A program based on a bachelor’s level professional educator certification from another state completes a Class A program and subsequently applies for Alabama certification at the Class A level, then the individual must earn Alabama Class B certification before applying for Class A certification.

If an individual is admitted to an Alabama Class AA program based on a master’s-level professional educator certificate in another state, completes a Class AA program, and subsequently applies for Alabama certification at the Class AA level, then the individual must earn at least a Class A Alabama Professional Educator Certificate before applying for Class AA certification.