Calendar and Course Offerings

The University operates on the semester system, with the academic year divided into two regular semesters (August-December and January-May), and an eight-week summer term (June-August). The summer term also includes two four-week sessions (Session I, June; Session II, July). Exact dates are detailed in the front of this catalog. Graduate courses are scheduled principally in evening classes in both regular semesters. During the summer session, the College of Arts and Sciences offers evening classes, and the College of Education and Human Sciences schedules day classes. From time to time the University may provide graduate courses in off- campus locations, short courses for graduate credit in interim periods when the University is not in regular session, and weekend courses. All graduate program courses in the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions are offered online. Courses in the MBA are available online and/or in the classroom on UNA’s main campus and on the Athens State University campus. MBA courses are available each semester on projected schedule basis so that students can plan their course of study around when and where a specific course will be offered.