University Housing Rent Refund

Residence Halls and University Apartments

Rent for all University housing (residence halls and apartments) is billed to the student’s account and payable with tuition and other expenses according to the University’s payment dates.

If a student officially withdraws from the University while residing in university housing, the student may qualify for a prorated refund of rent. This is determined by the date of the student’s official check-out from the residence hall or University apartments.

When Percentage Refund
During the first week 80% refund
During the second week 60% refund
During the third week 40% refund
During the fourth week 20% refund
After the fourth week No refund

Requests for a refund following the fourth week of class for extenuating circumstance will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. These requests must be submitted in writing with accompanying documentation to the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Students do not qualify for a refund if they move out of the residence hall or University Apartments but remain enrolled at the University, nor if a student is suspended from the residence hall, University apartments, or University for disciplinary reasons.


Apartment tenants are billed for apartment rent on the student account. Six months’ rent is billed with fall tuition and another six months’ rent is billed with spring tuition. If a lease is signed in the spring semester, seven months of apartment rent is added to the student account. Rent is prorated beginning with the date the apartment lease is signed. If a tenant moves out at the official end of the lease period, a refund of any excess paid rent is contingent on how the tenant has met conditions of the lease.