BA/BS Major in Interdisciplinary Studies Option II

Degree Requirements for Option 2

The Interdisciplinary Studies major Option 2 is open to graduates of community college two-year vocational-technical programs. Students may enter this program after receiving an associate degree from a regionally accredited community- technical college. Option 2 students will complete a maximum of 42 semester hours in the ‘Applied Entrepreneurship’ area of emphasis, of which no more than 30 hours may be from courses offered by the College of Business. The remaining 12 hours may include transferred technical courses or other supporting courses offered from outside the College of Business. Option 2 students will be allowed to transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours of block credit for technical coursework completed in an associate degree program. All of the 30 semester hours of block credit may be used to apply to the 120 semester hours required for the bachelor degree. None of the technical coursework may be transferred into any other academic program offered by the University. Questions regarding the Interdisciplinary Studies Option 2 program should be directed to the Department Chair or Program Coordinator.