BBA Major in Professional Marketing

Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Additional Graduation Requirements

General Education Component
Area I. Written Composition6
First-Year Composition I
First Year Composition II
Area II. Humanities and Fine Arts12
Fundamentals of Speech
Business and Professional Speaking
Business Ethics
Select three semester hours from the following:
Survey of British Literature
Survey of British Literature
American Literature through Whitman
American Literature from Whitman to the Present
Literature of the World I
Literature of the World II
Select three semester hours from the following:
Art Appreciation
Art History Survey I
Art History Survey II
Cinema Appreciation
Theatre Appreciation
Creative Writing Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Survey of Music Literature
Area III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics11
Select three semester hours from the following:
Finite Mathematics
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
Pre-Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Linear Algebra
Applied Differential Equations I
Select eight semester hours from the following:
Introductory Biology
Human Biology
Principles of Biology
Principles of Biology
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry
General Chemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry
General Chemistry Laboratory
Earth Science/Physical Geology
Historical Geology
Earth Science/Earth Systems
Sustainable Earth
Environmental Systems
Physical Geography: Weather and Climate
Physical Geography-Landforms
Interactive Physics
Introductory Physics
Descriptive Astronomy
General Physics I
General Physics II
Technical Physics I
Technical Physics II
Area IV. History, Social and Behavioral Sciences12
Principles of Macroeconomics
and Principles of Microeconomics
Select one sequence from the following:
Survey of World Civilization to 1500
and Survey of World Civilization since 1500
United States History to 1877
and United States History since 1877
Area V. Pre-BBA Foundation
Accounting Concepts I
and Accounting Concepts II
The Legal Environment of Business
Introduction to Computer Programming
Information Systems in Organizations
Statistical Process Control
and Statistical Analysis for Business (Statistical Process Control)
Additional Requirements
BBA Core
MG 491International Business3
FI 393Financial Management3
MG 331Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MG 382WManagerial Communications3
MG 395Supply Chain and Operations Management3
MG 498Strategic Management3
MK 360Principles of Marketing3
Major in Professional Marketing
Required Core:
MK 362Personal Selling3
MK 363Integrated Marketing Communications3
MK 476Consumer and Market Behavior3
MK 479Marketing Research3
MK 497Marketing Management3
Select one of the following concentrations:9
A minor is not required for any business major 1
General Electives
General Elective hours, if required, to bring total to 120
Total Hours120

If a minor is declared, all requirements of the specific minor must be met.


Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Choose one of the following:3
Any 300/400 Level Marketing Elective
Introduction to Human Computer Interaction/User Experience (HCI/UX)
Web Development
Total Hours9


MK 462Advanced Sales3
MK 465Sales Management3
Choose one of the following courses:3
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Internship
Interpersonal Communication
Golf for the Business Professional
Total Hours9

General Marketing

MK Electives (300/400 level)9
Total Hours9