Data Science Certificate

College of Business Data Science Certificate

The Computer Science and Information Systems department, in conjunction with the Economics and Finance department, offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science. The courses in the certificate will help to prepare students in programming, large database management, and data mining, which is the application of advanced statistical techniques to find relevant patterns in large data sets. The certificate course content positions students with a set of highly demanded and marketable skills for both internship opportunities and full-time professional careers following graduation. Currently in the business community, the banking, consulting, retail, marketing, and information technology fields are all seeking qualified applicants with the skill set covered by this certificate.

The certificate requires the completion of 12 hours of course credit as follows:.

CIS 225Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming3
or CS 155 Computer Science I
CIS 366Database Development and Management3
CIS 445Advanced Database Management Systems3
QM 460Techniques in Data Mining3
Total Hours12