Study Abroad Certificate

A College of Education and Human Sciences Study Abroad Certificate is a one-semester 15 credit hour study abroad certificate program with a focus on a specific skill or emphasis within the disciplines housed in the College of Education and Human Sciences. This program is open only to students from UNA global partner schools who come to UNA from their home university for one fall or spring semester. Targeted students are those with sophomore status and with TOEFL iBT79 or IELTS 6.0. Upon successful completion of the program students will receive a certificate of achievement as well as the notation on their transcript of “College of Education and Human Sciences Study Abroad Certificate in [Area of Emphasis]”. Areas of emphasis include Exercise Leadership, Health Promotion, and Sport Management. The course of study is as follows:

FL 101
Introduction to Global Studies
and Honors Introduction to Global Studies (Fall, Spring)
SA 498International Business Program (Fall, Spring, Summer) 10
International Component
Select one from the following:3
Communication in a Global Age (Fall, Spring)
Global Environments and Societies (Fall Spring, Summer)
Cross-Cultural Interaction (Fall, Summer)
Economic Geography (Fall)
Survey of World Civilization since 1500 (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Chronic Disease and Health Promotion 2
The Legal Environment of Business (Fall, Spring, Summer)
International Trade and Finance (Fall, Spring) 3
International Business (Fall, Spring, Summer) 4
Sociology of Culture (Sprinng)
Cultural Diversity and Social Inequality (Fall, odd numbered years)
Law and Society (Fall, even-numbered years)
Governance and Leadership of Sport
Global Women's Issues (Spring, even numbered years)
Area of Emphasis - Select one of the following:9
Exercise Leadership
Select three from the following:
Essentials of Healthy Living
Nutrition and Human Performance 2
Kinesiology 6
Physiology of Exercise 6
Introduction to Fitness Testing 6
Essentials of Prescribing Resistance Training 6
Behavioral Modification Interventions 6
Legal Issues and Risk Management in Sport and Leisure Activities 7
Health Promotion
Select three from the following:
Essentials of Healthy Living
Foundations of Health
Applied Nutrition for the Lifespan 2
Human Sexuality
Health Promotion 2
Health and Aging
Drugs in Society
Behavioral Modification Interventions 3
Sport Management
Select three from the following:
Leisure in Contemporary Life
Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management
Sociology of Sport
Economics of Sport
Sport Finance 4
Marketing of Sport and Recreational Activities 4
Sport Facilities and Events Management
Sport Communication
Golf for the Business Professional
Management of Sport and Recreation Organizatons 4
Seminar in Sport Management 5
Total Hours15