Accelerated Master's Program in Exercise Science and Health Promotion

To apply:

Through the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP), students can:
  • Take up to 9 credit hours of approved graduate courses concurrently with undergraduate courses.
  • Substitute up to 9 credit hours of approved graduate courses (in place of undergraduate courses) toward completion of the undergraduate degree.
Requirements for Admission to the AMP in Exercise Science and Health Promotion​:
  • *Completion of 60 or more hours toward undergraduate degree.
  • Overall GPA 3.0 (4.0 scale) or higher in all undergraduate coursework at time of entry into AMP.
  • A or B on all coursework in a Kinesiology (or acceptable) major.
  • Favorable vote by Department of Kinesiology (two-thirds vote).
  • Approval by Chair of Department of Kinesiology. 

*Transfer students who have successfully completed at least 60 undergraduate hours are eligible after completing a minimum of 9 hours in a major offered in the Kinesiology Department.

Requirements for Continued Enrollment in the AMP:
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 or higher with no grades lower than “C” in all courses following admission to the AMP.
  •  Enhanced credentials (accepted into and completed the UNA AMP).
  •  Students complete their Bachelor’s degree having already completed 3 - 9 credit hours applicable toward their Master’s degree.
  •  Students can complete the BS and MS degree in a total of 5 years.

Following approval into the AMP in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, qualified students can take up to 9 hours from the following courses:

HPE 503Essentials of Prescribing Resistance Training3
HPE 510Health Promotion3
HPE 596Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and ECG Interpretation3
HPE 600Research Methods3
HPE 638Stress Management3
HPE 639Epidemiology and Prevention of Chronic Diseases3
HPE 644Integrative Health Coaching3
SRM 665Risk Management in Sport & Recreation Management3
SRM 675Legal Issues in Sport and Recreation Management3