Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership offers programs in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Elementary Education (EED), and Elementary K-6/Collaborative Special Education K-6 (EED/EEX). Successful completion of an ECE, EED, or EED/EEX program qualifies the candidate for recommendation for the appropriate Alabama Class B Certificate. 

The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership also offers certification programs for grades 6-12 in the following areas: biology, business and marketing, chemistry, English/language arts, French, general science, general social science, German, history, mathematics, physics, and Spanish. In addition, P-12 certification programs are offered in art, instrumental music, choral music, and physical education. 

To qualify for recommendation for teacher certification, candidates must complete the equivalent of two majors:  Education and a chosen teaching field.  Though a double major is completed, there is only one degree granted; B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education).  See the following link for a description of requirements for admission and completion of a program that will enable the candidate to receive Class B certification: