BE - Business Education (BE)

BE 500. Coordination of Career-Technical Cooperative Education Programs. (3 Credits)

Coordination, placement, and supervision of students in career-technical work experience programs are covered in this graduate course. Procedures are studied for conducting job opportunity surveys. An analysis of coordinators' duties is included as well as a study of federal and state laws pertaining to students' employment.

BE 575. Teaching Career-Technical Business and Marketing Education. (3 Credits)

Techniques involved in carrying out the functions of secondary business and marketing education programs. A study of the functions of the classroom teacher/coordinator to include the appraisal of selected experiences. Coordination procedures are studied for conducting job opportunity surveys; problems and procedures in organizing and operating a cooperative education program; and methods of relating class instruction to on-the-job training. The philosophical foundations of career-technical education are also covered. Research and analysis of business and marketing occupations and skill standards will be included.

BE 611. Seminar in Business and Marketing Education. (3 Credits)

Methods and techniques of evaluating significant research studies and literature to guide the practical school use.

BE 615. Workshop in Business and Marketing Education. (3 Credits)

An in-depth investigation of selected current topics in business and marketing education and related areas. The course may be repeated with a change in content. The student should consult the Schedule of Classes to determine the current topics. (Not more than six hours of workshop courses in business education can be applied toward a master's degree.)

BE 617. Issues and Trends in Business and Marketing Education. (3 Credits)

Issues and trends in education that pertain to business as well as those issues and trends that are inherent in business education itself.

BE 651. Special Topics. (6 Credits)

BE 698. Independent Study/Research. (3 Credits)

Guided independent study and/or research in an area related to business education. Prerequisite: approval of the Dean of the College of Business.